Friday, January 15, 2010

We're gonna party like it's 1999!

Oh I love's my favorite day of the week. Really. I know, I know...most people prefer Saturday or Sunday because you have nothing to do and get to sleep in or whatever. Not me. Friday is my day!

I was born on a Friday, so we've like had a thing since 1979.

And you know what's weird? My sister was born on a Friday, too! No wonder we like to party so much. It's in our genes, man! (Yes, I know that the day you were born on has absolutely nothing to do with your genetic makeup....duh....what do you think I am? An idiot?? Dude. I watch CSI and shit.).

But we are partiers in our family. Sidebar: I'm not even sure that "partiers" is a word...maybe it's "partyers", that doesn't look right. Oh well, whatever...I can use made-up words if I want to.

Moving on. So yeah, we do like to party, have fun, get down with it, or whatever you want to call it. Pretty much my rule is simple...if it's not going to be fun, I'm not in. That's it. Bottom line. It's a pretty sweet rule...and was much easier to live my life by when I was single. Now, I have to think about responsibility or whatever. Which has led to us going out less, but you know, they still don't let you take kids in a bar....(that's it, I'm writing my legislator! Yes, I'm totally kidding....).

Then: going out meant black shirt or tank top and jeans--this totally still applies today.
Then: we were always in separate vehicles because my husband worked until 8:00 some nights and we would meet at the bar. Plus, it was totally convenient that he happened to have a job that involved a car-hauling trailer hooked onto his truck. That way, when I got shitfaced, he could just load my truck up onto the trailer and take me and the truck home. But I swear Mom, that only happened like once....
Then: the plan was always to spend the least amount of money possible--this sort of still applies. But then, I was skinny and hot, so this referred to me getting as many free drinks as possible from other dudes in the bar. I know....I'm awesome. That's just economical drinking right there.....(what's that you say? "Tease"? Me?!! Never!!!)
Then: close down the karaoke bar at midnight, the pool hall/dive bar at 2 am and then after party at the strip club (hey, don't get all "hoity toity" with me....they serve beer until 4 am dude!).
Then: home at daylight, sleep for a couple of hours and go to work.


Our house (so we don't have to drive anywhere), friends over, case of beer, food, spades/dominoes/football/bullshitting by the fire or any mix of those activities, done by 11:00. And then we have to sleep late the next morning because we stayed up soooo late!!!

Dammit. Now I feel old.

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