Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays....sans filter.

They're over.

And I'm sick.

Which just really makes the whole "post-holiday depression" thing that much worse.

BUT....I am really glad to be back at work. The whole "stay-at-home-mom" thing?? Not for me. And yes, sometimes that makes me feel like a bad mother/person, but then I consider that everyone in the house is probably much more well-adjusted when I am well-adjusted. That's not to say that everything revolves around me, but you know, it kinda does.

Honestly though, it's not even the whole "mom" part....hanging out with the kid is (for the most part) pretty entertaining. I think I have a bigger issue with the "stay at home" part. I just get so damned bored! And you can only clean and do laundry for so long without going absolutely fucking insane.....which I so almost did. God bless red wine is all I gotta say....

Don't believe me?? Read on....

Kid: "Mom.......Mom......Mom......MOM!......MOMMY!!!!.....MOMMY!!!!!"
Me (inside my head): "Ohmigod for the love of all that is holy if you say "MOM" one more time I will jab a soup spoon into my ear for the sole purpose of rupturing my own ear drum!"
Me (out loud): "Yes, honey?"
Kid: "Umm.....I love you."
Me (out loud): "I love you, too sweetie. Now can I get back to folding clothes?"
Kid: "Sure. By the way, I spilled my drink on the carpet."
Me (inside my head): "Sigh"

Husband: "I think I'm going to take some time off work while you're off so we can spend some quality family time together".
Me (inside my head): "Oh for fuck's sake! I wanted to spend some quality time with trashy romance novels, The Tyra Banks show and red wine! I don't need to spend any quality time with you, really....we're good. Now why don't you run along to the liquor store like a good little husband so I can sit here and watch Jerry Springer in peace?!"
Me (out loud): "That would be nice...."

Husband: "Oh look! It looks like Santa brought you something, too!"
Me (inside my head): "Um, hello?!! What part of 'we're not buying each other Christmas presents this year' did you not get?!?! Now I feel all guilty because I didn't buy you anything....I thought we had an agreement here!! Dammit! Now should I try and play it off like 'Oh, you'll get your present later' and totally pretend I bought you something when we agreed that we most definitely WOULD NOT!?!
*Opening present*
Me (inside my head): Oooooh look.....sparkly.....I love it!
Me (out loud): "Oooooh look....sparkly.....I love it honey!!"

And there are those of you out there who think I don't have a filter.....

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