Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

The banquet....more fun than I thought it would be...and I was appropriately dressed. And yes, I had on a black shirt and jeans....sue me. BTW: fish are really funny-looking creatures, aren't they?? I keep expecting that picture to turn it's head towards me and start singing "Take me down to the river" like those fake ones at Cabela's do.

Date night--pretty cool. Found a new little sports bar to hang out at and watch the game. Cowboys won...I think....the pitchers were really cheap and I don't really remember the end of the game or getting home. I do, however, remember the free cheesy garlic bread the bartender gave us...mmmm...cheesy garlic bread.

While we did manage to make it to church Sunday morning, we quickly came back home and hit the couch. Pretty good movie...not nearly as good as the book, of course. And a great way to spend a few hung-over hours on a Sunday afternoon. And when I say a "few", I mean at least like 4....it was LONG. Make sure you go potty before it starts.

Mmmmmmm....Kobe Steakhouse....love the food! And the wine. And the whole scene. Especially since we were there to celebrate my sister's birthday. Those places are always good for a celebration. And she got free chop sticks. I know, you're jealous.
*Yes, I know this post sucks. I'm feeling un-funny today....sorry.

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