Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go tweet yourself....or don't....because I don't think anybody's really reading that shit anyway.

I totally have "Party in the USA" stuck in my head right now...the curse of being down the hall from the dance room.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but is what is going on with me.

And let's face it, that's what this whole flippin' blog is about, right?

Is that selfish of me? Probably. I actually think that "presumptuous" is a more apt description. I'm presuming that you want to read shit about my life...and worse? I'm presuming that you'll think it's funny! Which, if you think about it, is kind of lame of me. I mean, everyone hates that guy at the party who is so freakin' amused by himself you feel like asking if him and himself would like to be alone because no one else seems to get his jokes. No one wants to be that guy...

...and I think I've become that guy. Or girl, actually.

Maybe I'm not so bad off yet...I do blog and I do Facebook, BUT I don't Twitter...which I think is the top of the "I think that everyone wants to know what I am doing or thinking about RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT" mountain. Seriously. Okay, okay....I'll wait to rant until you "TwitFreaks" or "TweetFreaks" or whatever the hell you call yourselves have left the building.....

da da da da, da da daaaa, da da da da DUM, da da da da da da.... (um yeah, this is totally the Jeopardy song from the Final Jeopardy thing. Doesn't so much translate to typing, does it?)

All gone, then??

Okay good. So Twitter. How self-centered is this whole thing?? Like everyone wants to know what you're doing every minute of every day??!?! WTF??!?! Like "I just went to the bathroom" is newsworthy?!?! "I just went to the bathroom and now I am walking back to my cubicle at work. That is all." or "I think that I will eat Chinese food for lunch because noodles sound tasty right now." or "I just got out of class and am now going to my apartment to take a nap." LAME.

I happen to think the only people who might actually need a Twitter feed are celebs. I mean, let's face many of you could Tweet "Had a blast in Vegas partying at Tao for my b-day. Flying to LA for a photo shoot and then headed to NYC for a movie premiere--OMG! Date with Taylor Lautner!" Yeeeaah, I didn't think so.

But even then, I'm not sure why I need up-to-the-minute info. I mean, does reading that Britney Spears just took her meds for the day and is heading out to get some new hair extensions make you FRIENDS with her?!? Or does it somehow make you closer to her?? No. It just makes you a lame-ass who needs a hobby....besides reading Britney's Tweets.

DISCLAIMER: If you are on Twitter and update regularly, this blog is totally not about you. And you should all know that this post/rant is just the result of jealousy because I don't have Internet on my phone, so can't tweet throughout the day. Plus, I'm like, totally too wordy to Twitter so my tweets would read more like paragraphs....I mean, I have a hard time keeping my FB status from being too long for Pete's sake. So really....just jealousy talking here....

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