Monday, April 5, 2010


8:04: I'm wearing my watch today even though the battery has been dead for, like, ever.

The purpose of this is to remind me to stop by the jewelry store to get a new battery for it.

So this evening, I'll get home from work and still have a watch that says today is Saturday the 4th and it's 8:04. Because I know I'll forget to stop. Even though I'm super-obsessive about wearing a watch and knowing what time it is. I never take my watch off…like, NEVER. If I have a watch that is not waterproof, I will take it off to shower--but then it goes right back on my wrist. And I sleep with it on. In case I need to wake up and immediately know what time it is without rolling over to look at the glowing alarm clock?? Sure, that's why. Whew…8:04.

I also don't wear my watch on the "correct" wrist…meaning, I'm right-handed and I wear it on my right wrist. I have no clue why. It might have something to do with the fact that my mom's a little ambidextrous, so she does most things right-handed, but then she does other things (like batting or swinging a golf club) left-handed. She wears her watch on her right hand, too.

So I get to blame my mom for that one. (Just kidding mom…I don't blame you for my obsessive right-wristed-watch-wearing compulsion. Other things? Maybe. But not that.)

I'm not sure where this whole compulsion to have to know what time it is came from. I mean, knowing what time it is obviously doesn't help me get anywhere on time, so what the hell's the point??

Wait…what time is it?

I have a meeting in a bit…..let's see….oh good, 8:04, plenty of time.

You know what I really think? I think the obsession with knowing what time it is might be a "mom thing". Not like it came from my mom, but like, it's something that you kind of have to do when you are a mom. I think that I always need to know what time it is because our whole family system could self-destruct by not keeping to some semblance of a schedule. So I'm always judging time and distance and length of activity to determine if there is adequate time for said activity to be completed before dinner/bath/bed time. Holy Cannoli, I sound like I'm a fucking physicist working to solve the time/space conundrum.

Not really…I'm just a mom trying to fit everything in and keep a healthy amount of unstructured imaginative play time, structured activities, exercise, work, love life, (semi) clean house, laundry and decent bed and mealtimes all running smoothly. Jesus H. Macy…no wonder I look at my watch all the freakin' time.

8:04…yep, still good.

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  1. tell us about the most craziest thing you have done now