Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ed HardLY

Four years ago, my sister (who has always been much more fashionable than I) showed up at a party of mine in this super-cool vintage-looking tee shirt. I flippin' loved it! It was black and had all these vintage tattoo-like images on it and Ohmigod! It was awesome. It was so punk rock. It was…

You guessed it….

Ed Hardy.

And since then?

He has fucking taken over the universe.

No lie. It's not just clothes and shoes anymore, people….we're talking ALL facets of retail marketing have been inked up with Ed Hardy tattoo designs.

You can now buy Ed Hardy wine glasses:

Ed Hardy car accessories:

Ed Hardy school supplies:

Ed Hardy laptops:

Ed Hardy computer accessories:

Ed Hardy housewares:

Still don't have enough??

How about putting some Ed Hardy on the inside?!!? That's right…you can drink up some Ed Hardy….

Or beer:

Of course, you could do all of this at once and multiply your coolness! You could wear your Ed Hardy underwear and jogging suit with matching shoes while resting on your Ed Hardy bedspread and playing on your Ed Hardy laptop with your Ed Hardy USB plugged in while you sip some Ed Hardy wine out of your Ed Hardy wineglasses and your husband sips on an Ed Hardy beer checking your kid's homework in his Ed Hardy folder. Later if you feel like going out for pizza, jump in your car with all the sweet-ass Ed Hardy car accessories.

And we'll all call you Jon Gosselin from now on.

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