Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes I think *this* life is the fantasy one

I have a girlfriend from college whose brain, shockingly, works a lot like mine. One day we were out shopping and she admired a charcoal gray business suit.

"Ohmigod…I would so wear this in my corporate executive life."

Given that we were currently broke college students who wore jeans and sorority sweat shirts with Doc Marten sandals, I think my response was something like "Huh??"

She was all, "Oh yes, I have lots of different fantasy lives. Like in one, I'm a corporate executive who wears a suit like this to work, drives a mid-sized SUV and walks around with my flip phone glued to my ear screaming 'If those reports aren't on my desk when I get back to my office, heads are gonna roll people!'" And then, once we started discussing it, I realized I had a couple of fantasy lives as well…I had just never voiced anything about them in an attempt to, you know, avoid the whole "multiple personality disorder" question.

But I bet lots of people do it. I know tons of people in the late 20s to early 30s category who are still struggling with the question "Who am I?" or "What do I want to be when I grow up?" And in their heads? Are all those options. It's like trying on clothes…which outfit do I want to wear today? Hmmm…corporate executive or rock star? Stay-at-home mom or Greenpeace supporter? Cowboy fresh off the ranch or attorney headed to court?

So in my number one favorite fantasy life, I am a singer living in New York. I'm still single, wear jeans and black tank tops everywhere I go and smoke like a freight train. I sing in this little bar around the corner from my apartment 4 nights a week and never get up before noon. I'm constantly broke, but don't really care as long as I can afford rent, cigarettes and beer.

And this is why, in my 30s, I still buy shredded jeans, black tank tops and vintage cowboy boots….not to mention cigarettes and beer.

So now, every time I'm out shopping, I'll look at something and think, "Oh, I would totally wear that under my robe in my Supreme-Court-Justice fantasy life." Or "Those jeans would rock in my 80s-hair-band-groupie fantasy life!" Or even, since I was a rodeo child, "That shirt would look amazing running barrels in my professional-barrel-racer fantasy life".

And yes, a large majority of the clothes purchased when I'm nostalgic for one of my fantasy lives are still hanging in my closet with the tags still on them. Don't judge.

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