Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last one to the car is a rotten egg!

So the kid has her first tee-ball game today. It reminded me of when I played tee-ball and was one of two girls on the team. The other girl hated me (the infamous Heather, who kicked my ass on the playground in 2nd grade) and quit halfway through the season (which I'm sure had nothing whatsoever to do with me being on her team). So then I ended up being the only girl on the team. Which honestly? Kinda made me feel awesome…like if Heather wanted another go, I'd have been all "Bring it bitch…you can't even hang on the tee-ball team." But she didn't, so I didn't.

So yeah, the kiddo already got her shiny new purple jersey and cap yesterday and had to A) wear it home from practice and B) sleep with it on her bed last night. And she told me yesterday that her favorite part of tee-ball is when they all put their hands into the circle and the coach says "1…2…3" and then they all yell "PANTHERS!" Future Olympic softball pitcher? I think yes. That kind of dedication to the game is not found every day, my friend.

Anyway, I'm glad she's digging the tee-ball…because soccer? Was not so much her scene.

And I realized that it's probably because we spent the first 4 years of her life telling her things like, "You need to share with your friends when you're playing with them" and "Don't take toys away from other people, it's not nice" or "Don't hit! Use your words like a big girl". And then we put her on the soccer field and we're all "Get the ball! Get the ball! GET THE BALL!!!!" or "Take that ball from her! Come on girl—use your elbows, she'll back up!!"

She's just not so much of an aggressive player….she's all "Hey dude, you want the ball, you go for it….that's all you". She's not very competitive yet. Although, she does hate to lose…for sure. Every night, she brings the smack-down on me in Candy Land and gets royally pissed if I *actually* happen to win (which seriously, has only happened like, never twice…Seriously? How is it possible to be bad at Candy Land?!?!).

I know the competitive streak will come eventually…she's got it from both sides. Being competitive is like being able to roll your tongue—if both your parents have that gene, you absolutely will, too. And my husband and I? Compete over EVERYTHING.

-First one to the car? Ha! I win!

-We're going to see the movie I wanted to see instead of the one you were thinking about seeing?? Sweet! I win!

-My directions were right and yours were wrong?? Sucks to be you! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

-The gift I bought you is better than the gift you bought me?? Winner. Me.

It's more than a little ridiculous.

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