Monday, March 1, 2010

Some days, I'm glad I'm married....and then there are those "other" days....

So I have this single friend who is currently utlizing a couple of the dating sites on the web these days....I think she's been dating on match, chemistry and eharmony.  She has generally had fun, and I've enjoyed hearing about the people she's meeting...I kinda feel like I'm reliving my single-hood vicariously through her.

But *some* of these people?? Are totally fucking weird.

Just today, she emailed me and said that she had just gotten a "match" with a guy who lives in a totally different part of the state who, get this---races pigeons.


Why would that be something you'd put on a dating profile?? "Likes: long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain and pigeon racing.  Looking for a woman to share my life and my bird fetish with."


(Of course, my view of this could be slanted because I am freaked out by birds.  DUDE.  They will peck your eyes out--I saw that movie.)

Then there was this other guy who was all "I'm happy to be the stay-at-home-dad while you go out and work".  Um, yeah, of course you would be still live with your mother for Chrissakes! Really?!!? Dudes who still live with their mothers should have to NOTE that shit somewhere on their profile....and when requesting matches, you should be able to un-include any man who still lives with his mother unless she's like, 100 years old and blind and in a wheelchair.  Because you know, then it kinda makes sense...and makes him a little bit of a nicer guy--although it's still totally fucking slightly creepy.

Then there was Dan...the French pilot guy.  I know! Totally sounds hot, right??!!? And he was....for the waitress.....on their first date.  Yes, he totally hit on the VERY young waitress while at dinner with my friend.  Um, yeah, Mr. I-have-a-puppy-in-my-van-would-you-like-to-come-see-it-little-girl French pilot dude *sounded* hot.  In reality, he was all "I know it may not seem like there's chemistry between us now, but there may be in time--be patient.  Meanwhile, I'm going to bang the waitress in the men's room, mmkay??".  Two words: Freak Show.

So I think she's going to stop the whole internet dating thing....and I'm not sure I can blame her for it.  Although I am STILL dying to know what pigeon racing is....

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  1. eHarmony set my friend up with her brother. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that they are from Arkansas.