Friday, March 19, 2010

Open mouth, insert foot...or fist....or whatever happens to fit in there. Which in my case, is alot.

So we went to Louisiana for Spring Break this week.  Just got home was a fun, "working vacation", if such a thing exists and we did some work around my mom's house.  Okay, actually, Ronnie probably did most of the working, but I was quite the little helper...not really, he got annoyed more times than I can count.  Sidebar: I've never not had a Spring Break...isn't that weird? I had one all through school and college and since I work in a field with a Spring Break, I get one every year.  It's like being a perpetual college student, only with cleaner clothes and slightly more money.

Anyway...while we were there, we attended the funeral of my great-aunt.

She was a wonderfully kind lady and I have great memories of her.  She was ill for a really long time and I know that she is more at peace and happier and healthier than she has been in a while. 

And I swear I didn't mean any disrespect....really.

So here's the deal--we got into town on Saturday and had to attend the "viewing", which is like the "pre-funeral", right? That's where all the family and friends gather to "view" the person and whatnot. 

We enter the chapel and immediately the hugging and welcoming begins.  In the South, you cannot be truly "welcomed" anywhere until someone hugs you.  So we're hugging and welcoming and stuff and one of my family members says "Hey! I didn't know you guys were coming to town for the funeral...that's so sweet of you".  To which I promptly respond "Oh yeah, well Ronnie and I were coming in with the kids for Spring Break anyway, so it just kinda worked out".

Oh. My. God.

Did I really just say that?

It just "worked out" for her to pass on this week? Like, "Glad she could make it so convenient for US!" or "Good thing we were already planning to come in, because if she'd would have waited, I'm not sure we'd have made the drive back!".  Holy Lord.  Aunt P, can you ever forgive me??

I am an idiot.

And when I told my mom and sister about it, they were both like, "Well, at least it was a family member, because they totally expect things like that out of you".

Gee, thanks.

Now I feel so much better.

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