Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Single's Scene

So now I'm kind of stuck in this theme…

Thinking about my single friend dating reminded me of what it was like when I was "on the market", "in the scene" and "available".

Holy hell…it was FUN.

I swear I went to happy hour at a different place every day of the week. I was fun, I was flirty….shit--- I was skinny. And I just had a grand ol' time. I carried "going out clothes" in the backseat of my truck at all times because you just never knew when that invitation to dinner and drinks from the hottie down the hall might come! I had girl nights and girl weekends at least a few times a month…we danced our asses off! Or at least we danced off the 6 beers we had…which is probably why we were so skinny. Well, that and the pack of Marlboro Lights we usually smoked...but whatever. Basically, I had a blast being single.

Actually, I met my husband at a bar where we always used to go country dancing--during a girl's weekend.  Sidebar: He claims I laid a cheesy pickup line on him....whatever--why would I--Miss Hotness--need to lay a cheesy pickup line on anyone?!?! Seriously man, I am the pickup line layee, not layer.


When I met my husband, I was dating two other guys and was totally fine just doing my thing and being me. In fact, when we met, I was all "You're fun and you're cute and you can freakin' dance! But I'm not really looking for commitment right now.  OH! You should sooo come to karaoke with us tomorrow night." And he was all "Okay, awesome! By the way, as long as you sleep with me, I don't need commitment either".  No, he didn't really say that...I mean, he was actually cool. 
So....long story short....Ronnie showed up the next night for karaoke.

And so did the other two dudes I was dating.

Dammit, Jim!

Can we say "poor planning on my part"?


So I did what any good party girl would do….about 4 tequila shots with a couple of Bud Light chasers.

In the end, though, it all worked out….my husband and I ended up together and I dumped the other two losers.

You know, maybe being single wasn't all *that*great….just writing this drama has made me tired.

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