Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My mom is probably going to totally lay a guilt trip on me about this post because I talk about Jesus.....sorry mom.

So it snowed in Texas yesterday....and like, the whole state just shut down.  Sorry other 49 states, Texas is closed for a snow day! Call back later!

And it made me realize that if I lived somewhere where it snowed alot, I'd probably a) have a drinking problem, b) kill my husband and c) be really fat.  But I've already talked about my dislike for snowy, wet, cold or basically any weather that's not sunny and 70s, so I'll move on.

Today, dear reader(s), I'm going to talk about my friend....let's call him "Bobby".  Bobby is married and his wife is cool as hell.  Ronnie and I are "couple friends" with him and his wife.  They have a daughter my daughter's age, so it just works, you know? The kids are occupied, they like to have drinks....good times. Sidebar: How annoying is the term "couple friends"?? Especially if you're single...I mean, it almost sounds like I'm implying that friends that don't come in pairs aren't worth having.  But when you're married, let's face it, "couple friends" is the way to go.  It occupies my husband so I can have girl talk and drink wine....that way Ronnie and I don't actually have to talk when we're hanging out. 

So anyway, Bobby is hilarious.  He's like one of those guys who always has a funny story about whatever it is you're talking about.  He drinks like a fish, laughs at my jokes and so far, has loved every dinner I've fed him.  In other words, he's good people. 

But here's the thing about Bobby that I absolutely freakin' love.....EVERY time he comes to my house, he brings alcohol.  Which is awesome, but that's not even the best part.....because not only does he bring it, he LEAVES THE LEFTOVERS!!!

I know! Awesome, right?! I mean, that is just plain ol' good Christian giving right there.  Jesus is saving that dude's spot because he has donated to his less-fortunate friends and left his beer or wine at their house.  (And yes, Jesus was totally a wine 13 years of Catholic school left me with at least that much knowledge about Jesus.  So he's got to have an appreciation for people like this.  I bet Jesus would have appreciated a freebie jug of wine left over at his place now and again....but the disciples were probably totally winos and there was never any left once those dudes hit it).

I think I need to do some soul searching here and take a line from Bobby (or Jesus), because this girl? Takes her shit with her.  If there's one beer left in the six pack, I'm taking it home with me.  Two drops of wine left in the bottle? Sweet...I'll be taking that to my place! So how cool of Bobby is that? I obviously don't have the giving spirit that he does.  I mean, you get home from work and think, "Damn! What a day! I could use a beer!" and then think, "Aw man...we don't have any." And then open the fridge and see....what is that? A leftover Bobby beer! HALLELUJAH!

So's to you man.  You rule! Oh, and the rest of that bottle of wine? You can just leave it on the counter for next time y'all come over *nudge, nudge....wink, wink*.

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