Friday, February 26, 2010

Double standard, much?

I think something is wrong with me.


I have an inability to sound nice.

Stop laughing....I'm dead serious.  Apparently, my tone of voice is "bitch".

Today at work, a dude told me that I have a very "commanding presence" at meetings he's been to and seem to be in charge of everything.  Um, really? Was that a compliment? No.  I think it was a professionally worded way of saying, "Hey...I know're that girl that totally takes over at every meeting and makes everybody feel like an idiot by your tone of voice".

You know what wimpy, I-get-my-feelings-hurt-by-women-with-an-authoritative-tone guy? Screw you and your mother issues.  You're right....I do take charge of meetings.  And you know why? Because otherwise, no one would get jack shit done and we'd all end up sitting around a conference table shooting the shit about what we're doing this weekend and what so-and-so's little boy told her last night at the dinner table and what salon so-and-so just got her hair done at! So yeah, if charge needs to be taken, I'll step in so that we can *actually* accomplish something.

Whew....that felt good to get off my chest.  Better now.

But honestly, it is a recurring theme.  I have, on more than one occasion, had people tell me they think I'm upset with them or whatever because I "sounded" angry or some such nonsense.  I'm not angry, I'm hardworking and efficient.  And sometimes, I just don't have time to conform to the social "niceties" that people expect from women because I'm trying to DO MY JOB to the best of my ability.  And that involves things like deadlines and important dates and time management....which don't always allow for sugarcoating or bullshitting.  Sorry.

Do you think if some dude came in with an authoritative tone and took charge of the meeting and got some stuff accomplished, this guy would have made a point of it?? I think not, my liberated friends....I think not.

And that's sad.  Actually, it's just shitty....because sad would imply that I am crying.  And I'm not.  I'm pretty pissed about I think it's more aptly described as "shitty".

Someone get me a IV of Xanax and Shiraz...STAT!

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