Monday, February 8, 2010


Is there anything worse than this day?

It's Monday.

It's raining.

I'm at work.

I'm hungover.

Nope....pretty much today is the worst day possible.

But....I am still pretty pumped about the Saints winning the Superbowl for like, the first time EVER! And we had quite a little par-tay at our place last night...there were a good many people there. And lots of beer. And Mardi Gras beads. And quite possibly, the best gumbo I've ever made. My sister also had a party at her house (North and South locations to better meet your Superbowl party needs!) and believes her gumbo may have been better. I beg to differ. So we're having a gumbo cook-off competition on Wednesday night where we will blind taste-test both pots and declare a winner. No, I'm not kidding. We obviously need more to do.

And in preparation for the big game and the ridiculously big party for a Sunday night that we were hosting, my husband and I did some projects around the house. And I think we only yelled at each other like, twice.

What is it about doing household projects together that makes couples get so pissed off at each other?? It's like you pick up a hammer, and just automatically start yelling at your husband because he's not holding whatever it is that you're hammering straight on the wall. Someone should do research on this phenomenon. Or better yet, make a reality show out of it. I can just see it now....Ty Pennington hosts "Extreme Makeover: Marriage Edition". All the couples on the show have to redo a room in their house in one day without filing for divorce, stabbing each other with a screwdriver or chasing each other around with the drill. My husband and I would totally lose.

And if Ty Pennington put his bullhorn in my face, I'd knock that fucker out.

But household tasks got done. The ginormous new TV got installed, everything got cleaned up and shiny for company and furniture got rearranged to accommodate said ginormous TV. I had no idea what we were missing with the small TV!! I've always been all "Oh, we don't watch enough TV to need a big one, so it's cool that we have this little one that we got free from some 'come buy one of our condos at the lake''s no big deal". Yeah,...I'm obviously stupid because the giant TV is flippin' AWESOME! Plus we've got the surround sound and dude, watching TV in our house now can actually cause hearing loss or some shit. Pretty freakin' sweet.

Oh man....I think I need a cheeseburger.....

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