Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis the Season for Re-Gifting (and you know you do it, don't lie)

It's gift-giving season.

And I'm just totally not into it this year.

So everyone should just probably prepare themselves to get really crappy, generic gifts this year. Seriously...like pajamas, picture frames, coffee mugs and Chicken Soup for the Soul books. That's it. There's my list.

Man, those are some sucky gifts, huh??

I'm usually a really good gift-giver...like, totally thoughtful and stuff. I've planned Christmas gifts 6 months in advance before....in fact, I can't think of a single time when I've given a bad gift. (Mind you, I've received a few in my day.)

There are "bad" gifts....and then there are those gifts that just make you say, "WTF?". I just read this Redbook list of the Worst Teacher Gifts. Some of my favorites?? Fishnet stockings and a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret (not necessarily in the same gift...although that just makes it weirder).

Yes, really.

Some kid's SINGLE FATHER bought the teacher a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret.

And then some other kid's parents bought the teacher a pair of fishnet stockings.

See? "WTF?"

I mean, what does that say about you as a teacher...really? "You're great with my kid and I'd bet you look great in lingerie"? Or "You have changed my child's life, now change into these fishnet stockings"? Or "I'd love to see your "gifts" in these"? Or maybe, "You're a total slut and I'd love to act out my good-teacher/naughty-student fantasy with you"?

Think he put his phone number in there with them?? Freakshow.

I'd be pissed, that's all I know. Where are my baked goods, you sick bastard??

And I bet the teachers re-gifted them....I totally would have.

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