Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You know those free gifts you get when you purchase make-up products in department stores? Yeah...I never get those.

I am not a fan of makeup.
There...I said it. And if you know me, this is really no surprise.

If you read my full profile (and really, who of you out there hasn't?), you'll see that I'm not a fan.

And, what's really weird about that is I am a child of the blue-eyeshadow, hot-pink-blush, whore-red-lipstick 80s...with a little early 90s black-eyeliner-and-maroon-lipstick-tackiness thrown in for good measure. STILL...not my scene.

My opinion on the whole thing could get very political and soapbox-ish with regards to the fact that I think it's totally unfair that men don't have to paint their faces to highlight the good and cover up the bad in order for society to find them "attractive" or "beautiful", but women must.

Sidebar: The same could be said for having a beer gut....is being a female beer-drinker really so bad??!?! Come on, I'm not totally unfortunate looking and I happen to have a little "insulation" 'round the middle from my friends "Bud" and "Lite"....is that really such a big deal?!?! Do you see those "This is a gas tank for my love machine" T-shirts for women ever???? Don't think sooo! (Not that I would ever wear one, but it's the principle of the matter)

Mostly though, my opinion has more to do with the fact that makeup just feels icky on my face. Yep, you heard me--ICKY. You have the whole "caked on" feeling from foundation and powder and then all the other crap you have to put on your eyes, which makes them itchy and watery sometimes...not to mention the fact that lipstick feels icky AND tastes weird.

I'm afraid that my mom may have made a believer out of me this weekend.

Damn, I hate it when she's right.

She gave me her whole Bare Minerals kit because she didn't really care for it.



I'm in love!

So if any of you are reps or dealers for Bare Minerals and feel like I totally just gave you free advertising on my read-all-around-the-world (or at least the South) blog....you can send me my free gifts/samples anytime now.

Oh, and you're welcome.


  1. LOL...As I was reading this I was so thinking that you would love Bare Minerals...and then I got to the part where you do love it. That was very random and thought I would share! Hope you are having a good one.

  2. soooo with you on the makeup thing! I'm just not very good at it either... 'cause this *always* happens: about half way thru a make-up day, my face feels tired (BECAUSE I have the make-up on)... and I feel compelled to rub my eyes thoroughly with my hands. Then, I think... what's this dark stuff all over my hands?? ohhh, yeah... (sigh)... dang it!!

  3. Danyel: Right there with you girl! It makes my eyes itch like crazy....especially around 3:00 after looking at my computer all damn day!