Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Nation

I almost totally named my whole blog this, but I couldn't find as cool of a picture as the Note to Self one that led everyone to believe that I was a total hottie, so I didn't.

Anyway, so this post will be totally random. There will be no introduction paragraph stating three points I will make, nor will there be a body or a conclusion. Wait--guess it's not that different from all the other posts, is it?

I can guarantee there will be lots of these "..." because I totally tend to over-use those. I'm not sure why, either except that they represent the way my writing sounds in my I just paused right back there to think about how I was going to word the rest of the sentence.

Anyway, Randomness in all its glory... (see, I just paused again)

-I should really be doing lots of work right now because my school is out all next week and I won't be in my office AT ALL. And I'm procrastinating completely by writing a blog post rather than a report. The biggest problem of all?? I'm not sure I really care much.

-Last night, I encouraged the husband to read the blog (read: "forced him to read it because OMG I'm just so damn funny, aren't I? And you're so lucky to be married to the witty wonder of nature that is me!"). When he clicked on it, the Google ad on the right at the very top said "Pentecostal Singles--meet local Pentecostal singles in your area." Is this really the type of crowd that just read my Dora rant?? shit....

-Yesterday, the husband brought home an 18 pack of beer so we "would have some left over for the weekend". Amateur.

-Sometimes when the phone rings in the office next door to mine, I pick up my phone just to be sure it's not mine. OCD much?

-I'm absolutely convinced that my dogs talk about what an idiot I am behind my back. Really. They sit in their pens all day and act like they're all stupid, but they're really plotting ways to take over the house and keep the humans in the pens. Dually may not be bright, but he's got brawn. I think Sasha's the planner in their eventual "Braveheart bid for freedom"...she's got those shifty eyes.

-When I get totally convinced that my life sucks soooo bad and things will never get any better, something like this happens. And it really makes me think that I just need to shut the hell up, quit whining and be thankful for what I got.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Be thankful and enjoy your loved ones this holiday!

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