Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is not a food blog, per se, but I'm a big fan of food

Sidebar: How French-coffee-house-beret-wearing-killer-heels-having-but-I-can-totally-walk-in-them-without-tripping COOL do you feel when you use the word "per se"?!?! Holy Lord! I just feel like I should go all "European" when I get to use that word...but I would never be a good European because I like to shower regularly....and shave.....

Sorry if you're European and you DO happen to shower and shave--in which case, I was totally not referring to you.


I LOVE this website!!!

You can go to it and enter whatever you happen to have in your kitchen and it gives you a recipe that you can then print and take home and cook for dinner THAT VERY NIGHT!!!!

I know.....awesome, right??

So here's what I entered:
applesauce, beer, cereal, ham, ketchup, pasta, tortilla chips, milk

(Yes, those are all things that I have in my kitchen RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND)

Oh damn...never mind....I drank all the beer last night.....

Hang on

Okay, so even when I take the beer out, here's what I get:

This is just a kids favourite, you never really see this often, but it is great, trust me on this one

-1 lb spaghetti


1. cook spaghetti as instructed on the packet.
2. when you come to serve, put on as much ketchup as you desire, it has a really unique taste to it.

I know! Isn't that totally


And did anyone else notice that the directions NEVER told you to put the ketchup on the SPAGHETTI!?!? So you just put it on....what, exactly?? Yourself?? Your husband?? The dog??

"Unique taste"....that's just wrong, man.

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