Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I get for being a Halloween candy thief

So I'm all set to enjoy the chocolate-y, minty, marshmallow-y goodness that is a York Peppermint Patty, when I open it up and see this:


Since when is mint/marshmallow goodness ORANGE?!?! Things that are orange should taste like orange...not mint for crying out loud! Things that taste like mint are white (or green)...don't ask me why, I don't make up the rules, people!
And why is one side of my candy MOIST!?!? (You really can't tell in the picture, but the left side is weirdly shiny and....moist....*retch*)
I don't even like the WORD "moist"....*involuntary shiver*....bleh....

Does anyone else feel like it's looking at them?? It's going to suck my brain out and take over human bodies and start making us do stuff like communicate telepathically and build weird radio transmitters that actually communicate with the dead, isn't it?

Note to self: Stop reading weird aliens-take-over-the-human-race books by Stephen King....they are detrimental to my mental well-being--not to mention interfering with my ability to enjoy a good peppermint patty.

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