Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Dude....I'm so totally psyched. I mean, I am like, someone-just-told-me-Taylor-Lautner-turns-18-tomorrow-and-wants-to-have-dinner-with-me psyched. I've got my books and gossip magazines ready for the plane, got my clothes all planned out (but not packed because I freakin' HAAAATTE to pack), got my hair did and I am ready!

I leave tomorrow for California.


I so love California.......well, this is only like the second time I've been, but the first time was such a wine-filled, crazy, mother-daughter-sister bonding experience, that I have retained a love for California ever since that hazy weekend trip to Napa a couple of years ago. A few highlights:

-Who the hell's idea was it to rent a convertible in San Francisco in JANUARY?!?! And BTW: have you see how small the trunks on those things are? Where are we going to fit all of the WINE?!?!

-Plus, due to the fact that you cannot be even a millisecond late to the ferry, we never got to see Alcatraz (we simply HAD to finish that second bottle of wine at lunch....we couldn't very well leave it, could we?). Screw you Alcatraz dude....which is totally what I think my mom said to him as we were leaving. On the plus side, we found a wicked-cool pub and were totally there in time for Friday evening happy hour. We bought shirts.

-I highly recommend letting the youngest member of the party drive...she's obviously got the best tolerance and totally knows where she's going through this giant redwood forest. Meanwhile, her mother will sit in the passenger seat stomping her imaginary brake while trying to read the map by the dash lights and her older sister will ride in the backseat talking on the phone to her husband about how we are totally lost in the redwood forest, mom can't read a map and all we really need is a fucking steak dinner and more wine. (True story...I was there).

-After spending all day Saturday wine-tasting, drinking wine at lunch and dinner, might I suggest starting Sunday morning at Korbel? All true Southern ladies know that champagne is a breakfast drink....and really helps take the edge off the killer hangover.

We had a blast....and ohmigod did we laugh!


THIS time I'm going to see my girlfriend who I've known for, like, ever....and I'm not taking my kids, or my husband, or any other family member...or even a freakin' dog....JUST ME....and it's going to totally kick ass.

Do you know how rare it is that mothers/wives get to be ALONE?? I often reminisce about the days of single-hood that were filled with doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. It just ain't the same once you factor in the whole kid/husband thing.

Why not? Because we are constantly caring for, thinking about caring for, purchasing something to care for, or feeling guilty because we're not sure we've cared enough for SOMEONE ELSE.

But not this weekend.


This weekend is ALL about me. And you know what I'm going to do??

Miss my family.


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