Monday, October 19, 2009

So it involves a nickel and a ball bearing

*Note to you: I had this great post all ready to go about some stupid (yet highly entertaining) redneck trick my brother-in-law showed me, so I googled "shotgun shell and nickel trick" (yes, I know Homeland Security will be knocking on my door any minute now), and THIS

pops up.
No, no....take a moment.....let it really sink in....
And I thought I was redneck.
You almost have to wonder if it was on purpose. Note the rott as the best man, the beer can in his hand and cigarette in that's true love right there, I don't care who you are, that's true love! And of course, there's that killer mullet and tuxedo/slasher-lumberjack/concrete-pourer-guy ensemble worn by the groom. Add to it her flip-flops and their oh-so-chic window accoutrements....not to mention the fact that she's TOTALLY 9 MONTHS PREGNANT
....and I'm truly, completely speechless.
So I totally forgot what I was originally going to blog about....I DO remember it involved a nickel and a ball bearing.....
Note to self: NEVER google the word "shotgun" never know what may pop up.

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