Thursday, October 15, 2009

One more and we'll all need dentures

So my husband brought home a stray dog the other day.

Yeeeaah....I was less than thrilled.

Four dogs and three horses is just a little too redneck in my book.
I mean, people lose their teeth in direct relation to how many dogs they have....I'm just sayin'.

But I was not nearly as concerned about the dog as my male Dually ("doo-ley" the truck). Let me give you the background here: we have three dogs (and all of our teeth), two are females who are not spayed and then there's Dually, who's not neutered. So you get the picture, right? Dually has one job at our make beautiful boxer babies. He doesn't have so much going for him in the brains department, so good thing he's a handsome devil and does his job well. He's like the Brad Pitt of the dog world....well, except for that whole "married to a crazy woman who wants to adopt like 700 kids and has major daddy issues".

But I digress...

So Dually gets his first look at the new stray dog today. And based on the expression on his face, I imagine their convo went something like this:

Dually: I love to run I love to run I love to run.....WHOA. Dude....
Stray: 'sup?
Dually: Uh....who the hell are you man?
Stray: I'm the stray. Don't be frontin' me or I'll jack yo' shit up dude. I got street cred.
Dually: you like girls?
Stray: Yo B....all the bitches be frontin' this playa.
Dually: Ummm...well, these two girls are mine, soooo...
Stray: I feel you man. I'm down with the threesome action my brother!
Dually: We're brothers?!?!
Stray: Nah man, it's just a sayin', we both like girls, so we're like, brothers.
Dually: Soooo, we're NOT brothers?
Stray: Man, you so crazy.
Dually: Oooookay....well I'm going to go chase this ball with my little human girl.
Stray: Chasin' balls is busted man. I'm gonna go lay down in my pad. Peace out homes.
Dually: I love to run I love to run I love to run....wait. Do I have a brother?

Like I said....not so much in the brains department.....but cute, right?
Note to self: Consider outside intervention for my there "dog tutoring"?

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