Friday, October 9, 2009

Numero Uno

I tried to come up with a more original title for this posting, but alas, I cannot. How much more do you need to say?? I did it. Finally. People have been telling me for a while that I need to start a blog...soooo


*crickets chirping*

Yeeeaahh...that's what I was afraid of.

And you know, I don't even know what to write. I mean, yeah, random shit happens to me and yeah, most of it is funny....but what if no one gives a shit? Or even worse?!!? What if people DO start reading it and then they are constantly like, "Hey when are you going to update your blog? I bet your next posting is going to be hilarious". And then I'll be like, " there's all this pressure to be funny. What if nothing funny happens to me today and then I won't have anything to write about and then everyone will be totally disappointed in me and won't want to be my friend?"

Breathe, with the good, out with the bad.....breathe.....

Oh shit....what if my MOM finds it and starts reading it?!? And then she'll be all, "I knew you were smoking again! And then I read it on your plog." And I'll be all, "Mom, it's a blog...with a" And she'll be like, " just need to quit smoking. And are you drinking too much? You know, that's not an appropriate way to deal with stress." And I'll be all, "CLICK".


You know, I have often sat down and taken a good hard look at myself and said, "Self, do you think we drink too much?" and my self says, "Well, isn't there some sort of check-list we can use to help us figure it out?". "Sure," I say, "here hold my beer and I'll google it.", click.....type, type,,,,

"Oh shit."

Note to self: Never be completely honest on the surveys.


  1. YOu have way to much time on your hands!!! But your killing me. Just don't mention the quarters story!!! Hood