Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I google, therefore, I am.

So for lack of anything better to blog about today because I'm in a bitchy mood and the perpetual rain isn't helping, I googled "popular blog topics". (YES, I know it's only the second entry and I'm already conceding writer's block and you're totally wondering why the hell I started a blog if I didn't have at LEAST a couple of entries ready to go and now you think maybe you should stop reading it because really, who runs out of stuff to blog about by the SECOND entry?!?! Get off me, people!!!!).

SIDEBAR: does anyone else feel like a wicked (and I mean wicked like "wicked cool", not like "wicked bad") genius when they google something and add it to their knowledge about random shit that no one else cares about enough to google?

Just me then???
Ooookkaaay....let's move on....

Here are the top 7 most popular blog topics of all time:

1. TECHNOLOGY BLOGS: 1.2 million visitors per day.
2. NEWS AND POLITICAL BLOGS: 779,000 visitors per day.
3. CELEBRITY BLOGS: 560,000 visitors per day.
4. LIFESTYLE BLOGS: 514,000 visitors per day.
5. ENTERTAINMENT BLOGS: 161,000 visitors per day.
6. FINANCE AND MARKETING BLOGS: 77,000 visitors per day.
7. ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN BLOGS: 40,000 visitors per day.



Where are the food blogs? The humor blogs? Who are these techie bastards that are taking over the internet?!?! And what the hell is a "lifestyle blog"???

And is anyone else as concerned as I am that Perez Hilton's celeb-bashing blog is #7 on the list of the top 100 blogs of all time? Seriously?!?! That guy hasn't used up all 15 minutes of his fame yet?!? WTF?

Note to self: Begin offering tech tips and opinions about the day's events and news stories on the blog daily to increase popularity of my blog.....or just be a bitch like Perez Hilton.

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