Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holy. Mother. Trucker.

Yeah....give me just a minute here....

Man....that dude is easy on the eyes. Somebody get me a towel....and I don't mean for my face.

Too bad he's like 17.

When did 17-year-olds get so damn hot? When I was 17, dudes were definitely NOT this hot. What happened in the past 10 years?? If you ask me? It's all those preservatives we feed kids nowadays....and the stuff we inject into chicken. Apparently that's some baaadd shit. It was probably developed at NASA by some secretly funded government project that went awry and actually created an entire flock of deranged chickens who could perform calculus but were totally homocidal maniacs..........or not........

And really?

If this is the result?

I'm all for chicken injections.

Note to self: "I swear he looked 18" might just cut it in the case of Taylor Lautner.

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