Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Bad Mother....

Confessions of a bad mother:

  •  My kid hasn't had a bath since Sunday. I was having a couple of beers  all set to put her in the tub last night and realized that today is "Water Play Day" at daycare. Score!
  • I have a job that enables me to take a lot of time off (especially during the summer) and I am still planning on taking my kid to daycare at least a couple of days a week so that no family fatalities ensue.
  • Dinner at my house last week consisted of dry cereal, Sonic and frozen waffles because I hadn't been to the grocery store in like, 2 months.
  • I regularly allow my kids to eat 2 to 3 of those little cups of vanilla ice cream a day. It's not worth the argument and makes them feel like they've somehow won something.
  • Lots of people have issues with kids watching too much TV. I am no longer one of those people. Especially after working all day, cooking dinner, packing lunches for the next day and cleaning the kitchen/house/laundry. You wanna watch 3 hours of the Disney channel? Go for it….mommy's having a cocktail.
  • I allow my children to dress themselves. This means that my 12-year-old stepson typically wears all of one color…he hasn't quite mastered the concept of "complementing colors" vs. "matching colors". If it's all red, it matches. This also means that my 5-year-old daughter is wearing something vaguely resembling that of the starving Ethiopian children they show on those Sally Struthers commercials. She has now taken to asking me "Mommy, do I look like a homeless child in this?" 
  • I also allow my daughter to pack her own lunch for school. She has taken frozen waffles, cereal, a whole stalk of celery and a mayonnaise sandwich at one time or another for lunch.
Wow....and this was just the first 7 I could come up with off the top of my head....stay tuned.

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