Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chips and bread

I have nothing to say.

I have been sucked into the black hole that is the end of the school year and am just recently clawing my way back out.

Things have been crazy hectic…vacation at the coast, end of the school year, preschool graduation, friends' graduation celebrations and work. I'm tired just from writing all of that.

I think I may have finally caught up on sleep, but we drank celebrated so much this past weekend that I have only had two beers this week. Yep, that's right….TWO….and it's THURSDAY. That's like half a beer per day. Who am I all of a sudden?

I have also, within the last month or so, boycotted grocery shopping.

Seriously. There is no time.

We have been going from function to function and stopping at the convenience store to buy beer to bring on the way. Typically, these functions have included free meals, so while there's really been no time, there's not been much of a need either.

Well, maybe a little bit of a need….

So on Tuesday I get a text from my husband that says "I got chips and bread". Which I later find out meant that he went to the grocery store and LITERALLY bought chips. And bread.

Chips. Bread.

That is all.

So lemme get this straight. You drove the 10 minutes to the grocery store, parked your huge-ass truck in the parking lot, walked all the way inside and rather than purchase things that we could actually make a MEAL out of like chicken, vegetables, lunchmeat or milk, you expended all that energy to buy CHIPS and BREAD?!?!


Meals you can make out of chips and bread:

1. Chip Sandwiches

2. Hmmm....I got nuthin'.

So now, I will have to write out the gigantic grocery shopping list and go grocery shopping on Friday.


Guess this means I'll have to actually cook at some point, too.

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