Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stand Up

So I have this fantasty life (I have several, actually...check them out here), in which I am a stand-up comedienne.  And people actually pay to come and listen to me rant about various and sundry things...much like what I write about here.  But you're all getting to enjoy this shit for free....can you say "thank you"?? Yeah, you're welcome.  Anyway...I digress (as usual).  So because I have this fantasy life of being in stand-up comedy, I LOVE to watch it.  I have a good friend who shares this enjoyment with me and is always telling me about new stand-up she caught on Comedy Central and if it was worth a damn and all that good stuff.

Her newest discovery is this guy....Holy Lord....he's funny.  Check out the link and tell me I'm lyin'....

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