Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The kid *really* needs to start sleeping through the night

Conversation in my house this morning:

Him: "Hey, we need dog food…the dogs are totally out."

Me: "Okay, I'll stop at the store and get some on the way home."

Him: "Oh and we need cough syrup for the kid and lunchmeat…and salsa….and probably chips and bread."

Me: "Didn't I just say I'd stop on the way home?"

Him: "Well, yeah, but I was telling you what else to put on the list."

Me: "You know, since you already know everything we need, why don't you just go to the store? Aren't you going to be working close to home today anyway?"

Him: "Yeah, but I'll have been digging post holes all day outside in the heat and won't feel like going to the store."

*My head spins around backwards and fire comes out of my nose*

Me: "Really??? REALLY?!?! So my job is not as hard as your job since I work in an office with A/C?? And that means I should be responsible for all the grocery shopping, too?? You know what, Mr. Manly Man? Screw you. I work just as hard as you do…if not harder."

Him: "Yeah, okay…."

Me: "For your information, Ronnie, my job involves lots of brain power, even if I am sitting in an office in front of my computer for the most part. AND research has shown that using brain power is as exhausting as actual manual labor."

Him: "Umm…I'm going to work."

Me: "Umm…yeah, I think that's best…before I start hurling dirty dishes at you. You know, it wouldn't kill you to wash some dishes every now and then, too. And that research I was talking about? It's real….just so you know. You could, like, Google it and it would totally prove my point."

Him: "Okay, well I'm leaving now sooo….have a good day."


Sidebar: This entire conversation *could* have had something to do with PMS and severe lack of sleep (seriously, the kid was up like the whole damn night), but I would NEVER tell him that.

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