Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer lovin'....or not.

This is what it feels like when I have writer's block....or when I feel the need to imitate a primate....or when I think I may have lice.  Or when I can't remember if I turned the coffee pot off this morning.

God, it's just so easy to pick on him....I mean, just look at him for God's sake.  He just *looks* like a dumb country boy....and trust me, when you rodeo, you've met one or two dumb country boys before. 

But this is not a political blog and I don't want to incur the wrath of my Republican readers (of which I'm sure there are only a few), so moving on.

My whole grand plan of having lots of time off in the summer to write extra-witty, super-funny blog posts has not come to fruition.  At all.  *sigh*  Instead my time off this summer has been filled with cheap movies, free bowling, the public library and pretty much anything else that's free/cheap and entertains my children for at least a couple of hours.  Otherwise, they stare at the TV (I think I've pretty much seen every Hannah Montana ever made....and now I'm excitedly awaiting the premier this Sunday of the last season....I wish I was kidding).  Sidebar: One cool thing they have discovered this summer is Wizard101.  I'm not sure if your kids play it or not, but dude, you have got to check it out.  Like, *I* want to play it.  But of course, they will play it for 7 hours straight unless made to do something more productive.

The other thing that's happened to prevent the creation of my blogging empire this summer is that my husband has been hanging out.  Like, with me.  And the kids.  All this family bonding is about to drive me fucking crazy.  This is the blessing/curse that comes with a husband who owns his own business.  He can blow off a couple of hours of returning phone calls, etc. to come with you to take the kids bowling.....which is really annoying fantastic  Which in turn results in this conversation:

Him: Are you really ordering a beer at free summer bowling at 11:15 in the morning?
Me: Are you really sitting here with me right now?
Him: I mean, I guess it's no big deal, but you're like the only person in this whole bowling alley drinking beer.  And there's like, tons of kids and parents around... 
Me: I'm a trend setter. Besides, all those moms over there? They're totally wishing they had spiked their travel coffee mugs with vodka.
Him: Yeah, they like had to get the bartender guy from the back where he hadn't even clocked in yet to fill your beer....don't you think that's a message that maybe it's a little early?
Me: Have you even read the first amendment? I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which really means, drinking beer whenever and wherever the fuck I want to....duh.
Him: I don't think that's what that means.
Me: Oh yeah? Well, shut up.
Him: That's real mature.
Me (in a high-pitched voice): That's real mature.
Him: I'm going to work.

Mission: Accomplished.

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