Friday, October 14, 2011

Not only is it all together, but it all matches and is tied with a bow.

So this week is "feel-good" week at work.  It's a week where we basically go an extra step or two towards telling our fellow co-workers how much we appreciate them and whatnot.  We do fun little things like leave treats in people's mailboxes and write nice note cards to people, etc. 

Before you ask, yes, I participated and yes, I was about 5 people.  But hey, I did *something*.

Honestly, one of the coolest parts of the whole week is the "Nice Note Card" activity. Everyone's name gets put on top of a note card in the break room and then everyone has the week to go in and write (anonymously) nice things about the person.  I love it! Mostly because I am always shocked by what people think about me...this year being no exception.

My note card says, and I quote, "I don't know anyone else who has it more together than you."

Really?? You think I have "it" together??? Do you even know me??

I am so NOT together that I:

-can't balance a checkbook.
-regularly lose my keys, cell phone and other slightly important items.
-also regularly forget to make arrangements for someone to pick up my kid and scramble at the last minute.
-never know the balance of my bank account.
-have run out of gas on the way to work because I didn't even notice my fuel light was on. More than once...
-regularly leave the house with wet hair and no make-up on, yet still arrive late.
-have to go to the grocery store at least 87 times a month because I never get *everything* the first time, even when I make a list.
-am generally 10-15 minutes late wherever I go.
-am almost always out of milk or eggs and borrow them from my neighbor.
-color-code my planner to stay on top of it all, forget to write shit down in it and still miss important meetings.
-forget my grocery list at work or at home when going to the grocery store.
-pay my water bill late EVERY MONTH (no exaggeration) because I have to mail it and I *never* have stamps.
-have killed several cell phones via various methods of torture such as dropping them in the river, running over them with my truck and drowning them in a vodka tonic (don't ask).

I am, however, immensely flattered that you think I "have it all together"...because seriously? I'm pretty sure I'm constantly trying to pick up the pieces and just keep them in a somewhat organized pile.

I'm a fan of the "somewhat organized pile".

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  1. Kylie, I knew that there were a lot of things that I liked about you, and one of them is that we both get to things 10-15 minutes late!! Jim is forever telling me that he's leaving in the morning and I'm hauling butt to get to the van so that I can ride with him to work!! He is so on time and I'm just not!! Some days I don't even have my shoes tied!!! Just remember that I love you tons!!! Kristy Wyllie