Friday, February 1, 2013

Things you will NEVER hear me say

"I can't wait to get to Susie's scrapbooking party! I am SO looking forward to making a new page about our Saturday afternoon spent cleaning out closets!"

"I just don't think I can finish this glass of wine."

"No, I'm sorry, my kid can't come to your house for a sleepover."

"You didn't make coffee this morning? Okay, no problem, I'll just skip it for today."

"Yes, I just picked this bag up from the monogramming shop."

"Man! I really wish somebody would have an afternoon, girls only party at their house this weekend. I am fresh out of jewelry, purses, wickless candles, wrapping paper and skin care products!"

"I can't wait until it gets colder outside!"

"My besties and I are headed to the bead show."

"Sorry, no, I can't go to happy hour with you...I've got to run a marathon."

"I'm so bummed that it's Friday...I really would like to come to work tomorrow."

 T. (insert appropriate being here) I. F.

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