Friday, April 29, 2011

So two plus two is five?

Things that don’t quite add up:

-A bottle of Dasani water out of the machine in the breakroom at work costs $1.25. A bottle of Dasani water in the cafeteria costs $1.00. Really? Is the Dasani out of the machine better? Or do I get a discount since I walked farther to get the cafeteria water?

-If I drive to the DMV, my truck registration costs $80.00. If I mail it, it costs $81.00. Is someone getting paid $1.00 to open the envelope at the DMV? Can I get *that* job?

-If I pay my water bill over the phone, they charge me a 2% credit card fee. If I mail it, no fee. So lemme get this straight…if I get you my money faster, it costs more? But if I take longer to get my money to you, it’s cheaper? Hmmm…thinking I’ll just hold on to it for a while, then.

-Gasoline at the Shell station near my house costs $3.52 a gallon. Gasoline at the Shell station 2 miles up the highway costs $3.60 a gallon. Did they just not get the memo from Shell that gas went down a bit? Hello?!? Isn’t there some sort of “gas station owner website” with this type of pertinent information on it?

-If I am completely caught up or ahead at work (yeah, right), my boss has assured me there are other places I can go help out with people who are not caught up or need assistance. However, if I am struggling to meet deadlines, she has also assured me there is support out there to help me stay on track. Sooooo….work harder and then do more work or work less and then get help? I don’t get it.

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